Full price list:
(15 min SPA with ''Botanicals'' foot soak + 45 min Reflexology)                                   £40

Foot Reflexology                                                        (set of 6 appointments)                 £200

Holistic (Swedish) Massage                                     60 min                                        £40
                                                                                             90 min                                        £50

Advanced Clinical Massage JING method (Amma fusion,Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release and Craniosacral therapy)            90 min                                         £50                             

Holistic Massage combined with reflexology and trigger point therapy, Craniosacral therapy                        2 hours                                        £60 

Partial massage (Back, Shoulders, Neck, legs)          30 min                                         £30

Discount for the elderly and disabled

Regular clients every 6th session 50% discount

Bear in mind that the first session will be slightly longer because you will be asked some questions about your general health, and we will decide upon a treatment plan based on your condition and your needs.

Depending on your health condition, it may also be necessary to have a confirmation from your GP.

Working in my studio in Woking, home appointments also possible. 

Available days:
 From May also available:  Mondays - Wednesdays                        10AM-9PM
                                               Saturdays                                                 10AM-9PM

To book an appointment, please contact Riina by email rvtp62@gmail.com or by  phone 07340809649, or fill in the form below:

NB! Don't forget to add your contact details (email or phone number I can't answer to your letter if you don't add email or phone number). The best way to contact is to send a text message, because on the days when I am working or driving I am not able to talk by phone and it may take some time before I respond.
It would be advisable to book a week before or at least 1 day before.

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